bkr return policy

We hope that you love your bkr as much as we love it. But we want you to be happy. Our return policy applies only if you bought the bkr bottle here. If you bought your bkr at a retail store and would like to return it, please contact the store directly.

If for some reason you are not totally happy with your bkr, you can return it in unused and new condition within 14 days of the purchase date for a credit, exchange or refund. We do not credit or refund shipping charges. If you need to return or exchange your bkr please email us at customerservice@mybkr.com.

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what if my bkr breaks

We know bkr is one little glass bottle you'll treat carefully. If it does break within the first 90 days of purchase: email customerservice@mybkr.com a photo of your broken bkr, the original receipt, and a note describing in 250 words or less why you love it, how it broke, and why you want another one and we'll replace the part that broke. You pay the shipping and handling, we pay for the replacement.

*Limited to one bkr per customer. Alteration, misuse or abuse void this policy.

*Oh and hey, please be sweet, kind, patient and grateful with us. It just makes life better. We love you, we've got the best policies on the planet and everything is going to be okay. Hugs and bandaids to all.