dream job 02-26-14

Kate and I met in law school and have been really close friends ever since. She’s literally my favorite and if you knew her she’d be yours too. Her husband jokes that if she ever leaves him it will be for me.

We were not-so-psyched lawyers in our past lives, each for our own reasons. It was just hard to imagine doing it for the rest of our lives. 

Before bkr launched (when all I had was a pale pink prototype), I finally realized it was insane to do this thing alone. I sent an email to a few of my smartest girlfriends to see if they knew anyone who would want to quit their job and come start bkr with me. No responses.

A few days later Kate and I were having dinner together and she told me she was "thinking of doing it." To which I responded, “doing what?” because I had no idea what she was talking about. To which she responded, “working with you.” I simultaneously freaked out and told myself to calm down, there were no promises yet. I asked her what she’d want to do and she said she didn’t know, so I told her she was hired, obvi. Best decision in all of life.

Last week we went together to NYC on business and no matter how packed and bananas our days were, it was so much fun that I almost felt guilty. This is work? Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard, tireless, endless, ridiculous work. But we created it ourselves and we get to do it together. We remade our lives. 

All this to say:

There is no such thing as the perfect job. You create it. And if your best friend creates it with you, you'll feel like you rule the world.