priorities 07-23-13

"Sex is the biggest nothing of all time." -Andy Warhol

When it comes to health, drinking the recommended daily amount of water is more important to women than having enough sex. (Omg.)

More than 1,000 women in the U.S. were asked to prioritize behaviors related to their overall health and well-being and they ranked drinking enough water fifth and sex seventh on the list. Their list of priorities: getting enough sleep, keeping stress levels low, finding time to relax, eating healthfully, drinking the recommended amount of water, finding time to exercise, having enough sex.

And, the study found that women would rather be thought of as healthy than trendy, wealthy, powerful, beautiful, sexy, or successful. Only being seen as intelligent beats healthy.

Dear Intelligent Women everywhere:

You need four bkrs of water per day. And a week at a sex spa to whip things into shape. With plenty of sleep, kale, Pilates and hydration, of course.

Marie Claire, August 2009