Why didn't I get a bkr sooner? Obsessed!
- Mackenzie Horan, Blogger and NYC fan of the Jelly bkr
Oh my bkr how I love you so! You're just so much better to drink out of.
- Shannon, Boston fan of the Betty bkr
bkr sets the standard. It is the most functional, luxe water bottle on the market.
- Murphy Bishop II, VP Sales and Marketing, butter LONDON and fan of the Jet bkr
Is it possible to get really excited about a water bottle? Because I am. And it's this one.
- Lindsay, Toronto fan of the True bkr
- Ashley, fan of the Lush bkr
My bkr makes me drink WAY more water than usual. Love this thing.
- Matt Venables, Boston fan of the Smith bkr
bkr water bottles, where have you been all my life?! Amazing.
- Sarah Campbell, MS Sponge, Brooklyn fan of the Jelly bkr
bkr, the real deal.
- Amanda Keating, District Derby, NYC fan of the Surf bkr
I didn't know it was possible to love a water bottle this much!!
- Heather, Pittsburgh fan of the Velvet bkr
I must be obsessed...3 bottles later. Thanks for introducing me to these lifesavers!
- Drew Elizabeth at Catfish Caviar, fan of the True bkr
A chic bkr bottle filled with clean water in my bag or on my desk at all times means I never forget the world's oldest and most effective beauty routine: drinking water.
- Spirit Demerson, Founder, Spirit Beauty Lounge, and fan of Night
My bkr bottle is that little nudge to remember to treat myself right. I love it.
- Teresa Mitchell, Beautyhabit founder and fan of the Lush bkr
Bought my first bkr on Saturday and I have literally never been so inspired by cuteness to drink water! Since Saturday I have ordered two more. Obsessed is an understatement.
- Ashley N., friend to bkr and fan of Betty
I never love products (am mostly oblivious) but I really do love this. I took it to the gym and it was great! I cycled home and accidentally dropped it and thought oops - but it was completely fine! I'm a total convert! Thank you!
- Claire Breukel, Contemporary Art Curator, Writer, Founder of drty pink 305 + NYC fan of the Bubble bkr
I am truly addicted to my bkr! I love it INSANELY!!
- Kim, Go to Girls Blogger + Telluride fan of the Pool bkr
I'm in love, love, LOVE with a new water bottle. Is that insane? Seriously...I love the design of these bottles. It reminds me of when I first saw Apple products. In fact, one could argue the aesthetic is the same.
- Emma James, Writer, Designer + LA fan of the Candy bkr
I am straight up crazy in love with my bkrs and I can't help but spread the love. bkrs have taken over my office and all my friends - we are all just crazy for them! Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It's my favorite thing I've found so far in 2012.
- Sam Simcoe - fan of the Space and Bubble bkrs
I LOVE the bkr. It is beautiful, the water tastes better when drinking from it, I love all of your branding.
- Shel Pink, Chief Creative Officer, SpaRitual + LA fan of the Bubble bkr
I have an appreciation for great, functional and simple design. I absolutely love the Saarinen, Eames, Risom, Mies van der Rohe and Florence Knoll designs. bkr reminds me of the same simple well-done design!
- Ross Bishoff, Key Accounts Manager, Athletes HoneyMilk + Texas fan of the Fog bkr
The bkr is my favorite container.
- Eric Ryan, Co-Founder of Method Products + San Francisco fan of the Jet bkr
bkr has revolutionized my water drinking. The bottle mimics the feel of a classic plastic water bottle with the smaller mouth and easy screw cap. It looks 10x more beautiful in person and it feels terrific too. I am always saying I need to drink more water, and now thanks to my bkr I do.
- Alix Tyler, Creative Director, Writer for Modern Kiddo + SF fan of the Pop bkr
bkr was the most glorious gift at TED this year. We knew we were cool in the most simple yet elegant way with our Pool bkrs poolside.
- Mark Higbie - TED participant 2012 + fan of the Pool bkr
I have been through SO MANY water bottles in my life and nothing makes me as happy as my bkr! This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!
- Amy Hansen - Algonquin fan of the Candy bkr
If a water bottle can be on trend, bkr's the first to earn the description.
- ELLE Magazine, March 2012 + NYC fans of the bkr Winter Line
I love my bkr bottle! We have more room in our fridge for food since there's no need for 200 plastic water bottles. I feel really cool carrying it, naked without it, and there's nothing else like it. It's worth every penny!
- Maya Hassieb, Web Design Project Manager + NYC fan of the Rocket bkr
Best invention ever. I love my bkr bottles.
- Carrie Trimm - Art Director at Rip Curl and fan of the Candy and Jet bkrs
Just bought my second bkr. Couldn't pass on the Canary! I love everything you're doing: gorgeous product + great service + inspired mission = home run. Here's to changing the world!
- Brandi Shipp - NYC fan of the Canary bkr